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The Hope Cottages is part of Glenwood’s $10 Million Capital Campaign

Glenwood’s Capital Campaign will increase access to the renowned services that the nonprofit has provided families in Alabama for four decades. In addition to increased residential capacity, the campaign will fund an outpatient treatment and education center, taking some of Glenwood’s best resources, expanding them and locating them in the heart of Birmingham. Campaign plans include expanding services in Huntsville and Montgomery, as well as creating an amphitheater and arts center, adult housing and a children’s residential treatment facility.

What does Glenwood mean to you?

After five years of seeking answers to our son’s development, a family friend told us about Glenwood, which had been founded 20 years earlier at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. My son was diagnosed with autism by a Glenwood clinician. We spent the next 15 years on a quest to help him reach his potential. At age 20 we were in a crisis situation, and again we turned to Glenwood. Oue son has lived at Glenwood for 11 years, and we are all family. WE are thankful for the faith, hope and love of the founders and all the supporters over the years. – Phillip Young

My Aunt Kathy was profoundly Schizophrenic and spent much time living in our home. In 1972 my parents ran an ad in The Birmingham News inviting others who may be in need of support to start the Schizophrenia Society of Alabama. Amazingly, over 250 people showed up! At that time, we didn’t really know what autism spectrum disorder was. The overall consensus was the need for early childhood intervention, and Glenwood was born as the Allan Cott School. It started with 16 children in the basement of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church and has since grown to serve over 10,000 individuals and their families. It has been overwhelming to see the enormous impact Glenwood has on this community and the state. I am honored to be associated with Glenwood. I thank the staff, leadership and our generous donors for their tireless efforts to serve the growing number of people with autism and other mental health concerns. – Mallie Ireland

About Glenwood

  • Founded in 1973
  • The only service of its kind in the entire state of Alabama serving adults with autism
  • 3 schools on campus
  • Glenwood touches the lives of more than 10,000 individuals throughout Alabama
  • Glenwood offers more than 20 programs:
    • Residential services in the community and on campus for those most severely impacted
    • Evaluation and diagnoses
    • Training for professionals and educators
    • School evaluations, training
    • In-home training

Community Need

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest growing developmental disability
  • 1 in 68 are impacted
  • Nationally, half a million young people with ASD will turn 21 and “age out” of services over the next 10 years
History of Glenwood